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  • Rapidox natural monitoring system
    Rapidox natural monitoring system

    Multi-Gas Analyser. From Multi-gas Analyser. 0. The Rapidox 7100 Multigas Analyser is a high specification instrument designed for the analysis, control and monitoring of process gas in a wide range of industries. It allows the option of selecting multiple gas sensing configurations to suit the particular application.

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  • Touch lpg gas tracer leak detection
    Touch lpg gas tracer leak detection

    Detecting water leaks using tracer gas involves injecting a mixture of 95% nitrogen (N₂ as carrier gas) and 5% hydrogen (H₂) as the traceable/detectable agent. The H₂ gas escapes through the leak and is detected above ground by the highly sensitive Variotec 460 instruments specialized sensor.

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  • develop smart gas Alarm Device
    develop smart gas Alarm Device

    Nov 01, 2020The goal of this project is to develop an autonomous, real-time methane leak detection technology, the Smart Methane Emission Detection System (SLED/M), which applies machine learning techniques to passive optical sensing modalities to mitigate emissions through early detection.

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  • cheap smart sensor gas detection equipment
    cheap smart sensor gas detection equipment

    Duo-Sense Detectors Duo-Sense detectors offer two sensor elements for detection of 2 gases with 1 transmitter. Learn More Sample Draw Detectors 43 Sample Draw detectors made for applications containing toxic gases or low oxygen levels.

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  • TRANSORFILTER lpg gas detection tubes
    TRANSORFILTER lpg gas detection tubes

    Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Detection Tubes (0.02 to 0.8%) Gastec Detection Tube No. 100A measures Liquid Petroleum Gas with a Range of 0.02 to 0.8 %. Measuring Range: 0.02 to 0.8%; Number of Pump Strokes: 1 (100 ml) Correction Factor: 1; Sampling Time: 2 minutes per pump stroke; Detecting Limit: 0.002% (1 pump stroke)

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  • mega Oxymethylene gas sensor
    mega Oxymethylene gas sensor

    Temperature and Smoke sensors are used for fire detection. As soon as the fire is detected, the signal will be sent to the micro-controller which will then send appropriate data to the LCD and the Wi-Fi module. Data is in turn sent to the website using the IOT module. Similarly, the LPG sensor is used for LPG gas leakage detection.

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  • 50hz Formalin
    50hz Formalin

    The DS-102 is a dual-stage oil-sealed rotary vane pump that delivers a pumping speed of 5.0 m 3 /hr at 50 Hz, or 3.5 CFM at 60 Hz, with a base pressure of < 2 x 10 -3 mbar. The DS-102 has a 'universal-voltage' single-phase electric motor rated for < 0.55 kW, with integral power switch.

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  • cheap bw gas detection
    cheap bw gas detection

    BW Technologies 2-Year BW Clip for SO2 is a maintenance-free, single gas detector with default alarm set points at 5-10 ppm for sulfur dioxide. BW Clip has everything you need - plus new features to make your gas detection easier, safer, and more reliable.

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  • High-precision nh3 gas detection tubes
    High-precision nh3 gas detection tubes

    Draeger Gas Detector Tubes (10 per box) - Ammonia (NH3)

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  • Advantages of 3m gas detection equipment
    Advantages of 3m gas detection equipment

    Gas Detection Equipment. Gas detection equipment has a variety of uses in industry, laboratories and occupational safety. When you're exposed to potential hazards, the right equipment can mean the difference between staying safe and risking illness, injury or worse.

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  • popular nh3 gas sensor
    popular nh3 gas sensor

    MICS-6814 (Air Quality Co, NH3, Nitrogen Oxide Gas Sensor) ₨ 5,000.00 ₨ 4,600.00. The MiCS-6814 is a 3 sensor device suitable for gas leak detection and outdoor air quality monitoring. MiCS-6814 can detect many unhealthful gases, and three gases can be measured simultaneously due to its multi channels, so it can help you to monitor the concentration of gases where you expect the existence of …

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  • fluke 2 in 1 gas leakage detector
    fluke 2 in 1 gas leakage detector

    Gas Leak Detector with 18-Inch flexible gooseneck. Combustible gas detection range: 50 to 10000 ppm. Combustible gas detection range: 50 to 10000 ppm. Over-molded body for comfortable grip. Auto power-off after 10 minutes of non-usage conserves battery life. Includes detector, 4xAAA batteries, instruction manual and storage pouch.

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  • cheap ch2o gas instrument
    cheap ch2o gas instrument

    4 Gas Detector Portable Multi Gas Detector Monitor Color Display with Graphing Rechargeable Battery Sound Light Alarm 4 in 1 Gas Analyzer 4.8 out of 5 stars 6 $149.00 $ 149 . 00

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  • best price O3 gas sensor
    best price O3 gas sensor

    XLA Alert Portable Gas Detector, Gas Clip 4 Gas Monitor Meter Tester Analyzer, Rechargeable LCD Display Sound Light Shock Air Quality Tester, 2 Year Detector… 4.2 out of 5 stars 61 $108.99 $ 108 . 99

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  • mobile LEL gas analyzer
    mobile LEL gas analyzer

    Where To Buy. RKI is located in Union City, California and began in 1994 with the belief that distributors and customers deserve a permanent reliable source for advanced gas detection instruments and advanced gas sensors.

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  • smart 4 in 1 gas detection australia
    smart 4 in 1 gas detection australia

    4-in-1 Smart Alarm protects against fast-flaming fires, smoldering smoke, carbon monoxide and natural gas (or methane) Features a quick activation pull-tab and a front-loading battery drawer for replacement without removing the alarm from the bracket Designed with aback-up battery Suitable for houses, apartments, and mobile homes

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  • High quality ozone gas analyzer
    High quality ozone gas analyzer

    Jinan Nova Environment Technology Co., Ltd is founded is 2011. It is with a mission to create more high quality gas detectors and gas analyzers and give contribution to the safety of environment. Our engineers have a background of many years of experience in the field of gas detection and environment protection. The company got ISO9001 certified.

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  • wika HCL gas detection course
    wika HCL gas detection course

    Select your Region and Language. Remember My Selection. Americas

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  • Highly sensitive smart sensor gas leakage detector
    Highly sensitive smart sensor gas leakage detector

    For more than 35 years, SENSIT has been committed to protecting life, property and our environment from hazardous gases. Whether you need a confined space monitor or an instrument to quickly find the source of combustible gas leaks, SENSIT Technologies has the right product for you. SENSIT Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

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  • Custom Designed smart sensor gas analyzer
    Custom Designed smart sensor gas analyzer

    Continuously measure multi-components of your gas stream. If your process requires continuous analysis of a single component, measuring multiple components simultaneously, or monitoring emission levels for regulatory compliance, Rosemount continuous gas analyzers provide precise, reliable continuous analysis of process gas down to ultra low ppm levels.

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